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Giraffe celebrates his first birthday!

Posted by Gigi Allianic, Communications

It's hard to believe, but just one year ago, we celebrated the birth of our very special giraffe, Hasani. 

Almost immediately after his birth, congenital abnormalities were diagnosed in the tiny giraffe's rear legs. Thanks to the dedicated care by our zoo veterinary and giraffe care teams, including consultation with a Kentucky-based equine veterinarian, Hasani was successfully outfitted with a series of customized therapeutic shoes which corrected his condition over several weeks.

Hasani’s story of hope and triumph reached far and wide across the country and around the world. Many of you wrote to us to empathize with the hard work from our staff and to send love to the baby giraffe. We heard from thousands of individuals whose hearts, minds and spirits were touched and inspired by this remarkable story. Today, we celebrate his first trip around the sun and just how much our love continues to grow for him.

Happy Birthday, Hasani! You are loved by the zoo family and community.


Hasani was born May 2 to mom Olivia and dad Dave, and is the first offspring between the parents. At birth, he weighed 150 pounds and was 6 feet tall. Today, Hasani weighs nearly 1,000 pounds and stands at an impressive 11 feet tall!

Baby Hasani in his leg wraps, June 3, 2019
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