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5 Easy, Impactful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Posted by Kirsten Pisto, Communications

We know you all love animals and want to protect wildlife, but it’s not always easy to know what you can do from home that will make a difference. This Earth Day, we've made a list of five easy, impactful ways you can celebrate Planet Amazing (that's Earth).
Why: Every year people turn off their lights during Earth Hour. The worldwide one-hour event has become a symbol for appreciating the planet, but you can celebrate Earth Hour all year long. Spend some time in the dark once or twice a week, or promise to turn out the majority of your lights an hour before bedtime, you'll sleep better too! Turning off lights and unplugging is an easy way to save energy and become mindful of how much energy you are using.
How: 40% of total U.S. energy consumption is consumed in residential and commercial buildings. Simply turning off appliances and lights when not in use has a big impact.
Pro tip: Unplug your electronic devices …

April showers bring delicious PNG YUS coffee

Posted by Kirsten Pisto, Communications
Photos by Ryan Hawk/ Woodland Park Zoo

It's April in Seattle which means weather. Lots of weather. Along with springtime blooms, the earth-soaked scent of petrichor and dancing under rainbows, there is yet another reason to love this excuse to stock up on your favorite PNG YUS coffee!

AROMA: Guava, hazelnut, orange zest
FLAVOR: Honey, sugarcane
BODY: Smooth

Caffe Vitta has been partnering with Woodland Park Zoo's Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP) for over four years, and each batch of sustainable coffee tastes better than the last.

The coffee you buy can help save wildlife. The people of Papua New Guinea’s YUS region pledged 180,000 acres of their own land to help save endangered tree kangaroos. The shade-grown coffee they grow sustainably—in the very forests they protect—is not only delicious, but is part of an internationally renowned, award winning conservation program. 

With Earth Day com…