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Zoo For All: Celebrating All Abilities

Posted by Terra Vleeshouwer-Neumann, Intern, Public Affairs
Photos by John Loughlin, Woodland Park Zoo

Here at the Woodland Park Zoo, we want everybody to feel welcome. One way we are working to include more of our community is through a series of Zoo For All events. Our most recent event on July 2, Celebrating All Abilities, was a huge hit. Despite the drizzly weather, the zoo was buzzing with excitement!

To celebrate and increase accessibility, Scootaround provided free scooter/wheelchair rentals, and over 30 community organizations came together for a resource fair on the North Meadow. Guests were offered Sensory Maps that highlight areas of the zoo they can enjoy by touching or playing, as well as areas that are likely to be noisy or overstimulating. The map also suggests quiet areas where guests who are overwhelmed by all the action can reflect and recharge. There is also an accessibility guide complete with a map that shows those with mobility concerns which parts of the zoo can…

Double the Laughter at Our Kookaburra Exhibit

Posted by Elizabeth Bacher, Communications

Listen carefully. Do you hear laughter? If you’re visiting Woodland Park Zoo’s Australasia area, you just might … and it could be coming from an unexpected source. Our laughing kookaburra family has just doubled in size thanks to these two newly-fledged chicks. Mama, Tamani, and Dad, Murray, are the proud parents of two young females who recently took their first hops—and flights—from the nest, just a few weeks ago.

The laughing kookaburra is the largest bird in the kingfisher family (think large head related to body size and long beak for catching prey like rodents, insects and lizards) and is so named for its distinctive vocalizations which sound like a mix of cackling laughter, chuckles and hoots.

You may already be familiar with the call of this species* as it is commonly used in shows and movies depicting jungle scenes—however there’s really only one region of the world where you would hear it in the wild. The laughing kookaburra is nati…

Hasani Explores the Savanna

Posted by Elizabeth Bacher, Communications
All photos by John Loughlin, Woodland Park Zoo

It's a big, wonderful world out there. Especially when seen through the eyes of a curious youngster ...
This past week was an exciting one for baby giraffe, Hasani. He is doing really well, doesn't need his therapeutic shoes anymore, and is reaching all the milestones that a healthy little (not so little) giraffe calf should reach at two months old.

Hasani explores the savanna with his family.

Hasani's most recent adventures involve wandering beyond the barn and the corral area to explore the savanna. Like many babies, he is curious and seems to enjoy taking in new sights, sounds, and tastes. He is also making new friends, in the form of a group of helmeted guineafowl.

Hasani's keepers tell us he is inquisitive, but also cautious about investigating new things. Seeing and sharing the habitat with other African animal species will eventually become ro…