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Urban Carnivores, Climate Change and Coexistence

Posted by Katie Remine, Living Northwest Conservation Manager and Brianna Widner, Community Science Specialist Photos: Woodland Park Zoo motion-triggered wildlife cameras Coyote pups as seen from one of Woodland Park Zoo's motion-triggered cameras When was the last time you saw a wild mammal larger than a squirrel in the city? Mammals are less studied in urban environments than are many other species—they are often more difficult to find, observe and investigate than plants and birds, for example. The Seattle Urban Carnivore Project, launched by Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle University in 2019, uses camera traps—motion-triggered wildlife cameras—as a strategy for collecting important data on urban mammal diversity. With cameras deployed at about 45 locations across King and Kitsap counties, the project relies on the collaboration of our Seattle University partners—including undergraduate biology students—and a group of more than 100 community volunteers to manage the camera station