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Showing posts from June, 2007

A New Roar at the Zoo!

There will soon be a pair of new roars at the zoo. A new male lion, 8 years old, has arrived at the zoo and will live in the lion exhibit. The 424-pound African feline arrived in April from Knoxville Zoo. A new 8-year-old female arrived at the end of May from the Virginia Zoo. The lions belong to the South African subspecies, Panthera leo krugeri , and will be paired for breeding in the future. They will be introduced to their grassy new exhibit later this year. Photo by Ryan Hawk

Rainy days and Mondays

After a gorgeous weekend and more than 4,000 zoo visitors on Saturday and nearly as many on Sunday, Monday is gray and dreary! However, the Day Exhibit, which has dozens of reptiles on exhibit, the historic carousel and the other indoor exhibits are very popular. Hadiah, the Sumatran tiger cub, has had her tremendous growth spurt slow down a bit. She was given a beef bone and cinammon sprinkled on a couple of rocks in her exhibit. Felines love spices and she loves to sniff around looking for the many hidden treats. She still gets a kick out of dunking her stuffed animals in her water tub.