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A hatching 36 years in the making: hello little red-crested turaco chick!

Posted by Meghan Sawyer and Elizabeth Bacher, Communications Red-crested turaco chick at four weeks. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo As 2020 draws to a close, Woodland Park Zoo is celebrating an eggstrordinary hatching more than three decades in the making: say hello to the zoo’s red-crested turaco chick, hatched November 16—the first of its species to hatch at the zoo since 1984! The brooder temperature is carefully monitored for the red-crested turaco chick—shown shortly after hatching—to make sure it is comfortable and healthy. Photo: Stephanie Miller/Woodland Park Zoo Months ago, the zoo’s female red-crested turaco laid a couple of eggs. In the past, previous fertile eggs had failed to develop, so this time around our experienced animal care staff decided to incubate the eggs behind-the-scenes and hand-rear any chicks. Hand-rearing a requires precisely timed feedings throughout the day and into the evening, and careful monitoring of brooder temperatures to make sure

Woodland Park Zoo Holiday Gift Guide: Green Ideas for All

What do you get for that special someone who counts Mother Earth among their BFFs? We have a few ideas to share! JOE FOR JOEYS Warm up to the holidays with a cup of joe that saves joeys! Caffe Vita and Woodland Park Zoo's Tree kangaroo Conservation Program bring you coffee directly from Papua New Guinea farmers who have pledged their land for conservation. The Yopno Uruwa Som (YUS) Conservation Area covers 180,000 acres of pristine habitat, home to the endangered Matschie's Tree Kangaroo. The coffee is mellow and honey-like, with flavors of toasted hazelnut, orange zest, guava, and sugarcane. You can find these magical beans at the ZooStore, at various Caffe Vita locations, or order online. CONSERVATION KITCHEN We have fair trade, 100% cotton napkins and kitchen towels that are hand embroidered in Pakistan using locally sourced cotton. These embroidered pieces help communities that share the snow leopard habitat earn a living without harming the snow leopards. Embroidered kit

Woodland Park Zoo Holiday Gift Guide: Animal Lovers of All Ages!

Last week, we gave you a Gift Guide for that special little one in your life . This week we’re featuring a list for the kid in each of us—animal lovers of all ages! The following items are available in person at our ZooStore or at our online ZooStore . Happy shopping! Things to wear, to share and to show you care about animals! ZOOM HOLIDAY PARTY ATTIRE! Many of us will be getting together with friends, family or colleagues at a virtual holiday party this year... which means gathering 'round the computer camera with your pod.  We invite you to show off your hygge and be the winner of the "snuggly" sweater contest with an animal-themed holiday sweater! You can find the perfect one and many other cozy sweatshirts, hoodies and tees at at the Woodland Park Zoo store. Win the "snuggly" sweater contest with this festive piece. $29.99. This forest icons hoodie is made from recycled plastic bottles and cotton. $49.00. COFFEE, TEA OR WHATEVER WETS YOUR WHISTLE We have a

Woodland Park Zoo Holiday Gift Guide: Kids and Young at Heart

Looking for something for that special little one in your life? We have some suggestions sure to please the young animal fans on your list!  ORNAMENTS Kids love to decorate and help get into the holiday spirit, so receiving their very own animal ornament will feel extra special. Whether they love things that are furry or feathered, we have lots of baubles to choose from! There are lots of animal ornaments to choose from. All  under $20. GREEN TOYS More fun! Less waste! Woodland Park Zoo’s very own ZooStore has Green Toys, like a ferry boat or car carrier, which are made from 100% recycled plastic with no BPA. The packaging is earth-friendly and made of 100% recycled cardboard and printed with soy inks. Great for little imaginations and the planet. Green toys, made of 100% recycled plastic are at the ZooStore or online at . $29.99. PERFECTLY PLUSH These eco-friendly plush animals are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which might otherwise be cluttering landfills a

Evolving for and with our community

Posted by Alejandro Grajal, President and CEO, Woodland Park Zoo Our nation is facing vigorous and necessary social discussions about racism, inclusion and equity. No person or organization can be part of the movement for equity without some tough, genuine self-reflection. So here I am to tell you as the President and CEO of Woodland Park Zoo: I know that we still have a lot of work ahead to transform our zoo into a dynamic space that truly represents our whole community, and we are committed. Inclusion is one of the zoo’s central values, and I’m proud of our ongoing work to remove economic, physical or ability-based barriers. For all the good work we want to do now and in the years ahead, we have to reconcile with the foundation we’re building on. And for zoos, that’s a quite literal foundation. We build exhibits that last decades, architectural monuments meant to sustain the lives of our resident animals and withstand weather and visitation by millions of people. So as the world chan

Our Community Quest for Clean Water

 Posted by Susan Bell, Development Seattleites know that we receive an amazing, and some say wonderful, amount of rain annually.  Where that rain lands and what each drop encounters along its journey to our waterways is critical to animal and plant conservation. Here at the zoo and all around our region, it’s our mission to save wildlife and inspire everyone to make conservation a priority in their lives. Together, let’s focus on water! What are you and our zoo doing in our daily lives to promote clean water for our wild river otters, great blue herons, barred owls—and all our Pacific Northwest animals—as well as for you and me? Photo of Nooksack Falls by Dylan Luder on Unsplash What you can do from home: Let’s be water wise. While over 70% of our planet is covered in water, only 3% is fresh water. Of that, less than 1% is available for consumption. Saving water isn't just about saving water. The energy needed to treat and deliver water is also precious. Saving water helps reduce