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Showing posts from December, 2007

Just a bit of necking

Giraffes are one of the most popular animals at the zoo, being recognizable to the youngest of kids. During summer 2007 we offered, for the first time, the opportunity for people to feed the giraffes up close. Using their favorite leafy branches, this gave a chance for people to view these magnificent animals "face to tongue" as it were as one of their most notable features is their nearly two-foot long purplish-black tongues. It really provides a lot of impact to see them this close. Something no TV program could ever hope to match! We hope to resume giraffe feedings in May 2008. Thanks to Chris Zempel for sending this great photo of two of our giraffes.

'Tis the Tiger Season

Hadiah the Sumatran tiger turned 1 year old today and was treated to a special holiday-themed treat: a paper-mache "reindeer." To attract her, keeper rubbed musk, a favorite sensory treat, to the outside of the paper critter and she rolled, ripped and thoroughly enjoyed her day, even though she didn't know it was her birthday! As a special treat for you, we've created a Hadiah screensaver for your computer. Simply click on the photo, download and follow your computer's settings to load as your screensaver. Enjoy!

Rain, rain go away...

The recent torrential rainfall fortunately had minimal effects at the zoo, though a few flooded areas made for a few "bucket brigades" to bail out some indoor areas, but fortunately all the animals made it through safe and sound. From Saturday at 21:00 through Monday @ 18:00 the rain gauge recorded 6.36 inches. The weather station is perched on top of our Zoomazium and the data it records will eventually be used in educational programming at the zoo and in our school outreach programs. During the most intense period (Sunday 21:00-Monday 18:00) there was 4.85 inches with peak intensities of 0.41 in/hr on Monday morning. Thanks to all the employees whose jobs demanded they weather the storm!