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Get to know Malayan tiger Bumi on Global Tiger Day

Posted by Elizabeth Bacher, Communications

Heeeeeere's Bumi! This handsome Malayan male tiger is getting comfortable behind the scenes at Woodland Park Zoo. Photo: Courtesy of Audubon Zoo

Today is July 29, Global Tiger Day! To celebrate, we give you the first glimpses of our new boy, Bumi (pronounced Boom-y).

This strappingly striped 9-year-old recently arrived here from Audubon Zoo in New Orleans and he is currently getting comfortable with his new digs behind-the-scenes at the zoo’s Malayan Tiger habitat in Banyan Wilds. Stay tuned for when he makes his debut later this summer.

In the meantime, you can still see our other Malayan tigers, Olan and Eko, in the habitat area. Adult tigers are usually solitary (except a mother with cubs) so you’ll likely see one of them at a time. 

"Are you looking at me?" Bumi is chillin' behind the scenes, getting ready for his debut. Photo: Carolyn Sellar/Woodland Park Zoo
All subspecies of tigers are critically endangered throughout most of their range in Asia which includes parts of India, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. A century ago, there were more than 100,00 of them in the wild, but today it is believed that fewer than 4,000 remain—and 3 of 9 subspecies have already gone extinct. But it’s not too late...

Bumi knows that being gorgeous is a tiring business—requiring lots of nap time! Photo: Courtesy of Audubon Zoo
No matter where you are—even here in Seattle—you can help protect tigers around the world. The biggest threats to their survival are wildlife trafficking and habitat loss—much of it related to the palm oil industry. Here are three things you can do to help protect them: 

1) Be a savvy traveler! When you look for souvenirs abroad, be aware that some of the jewelry and trinkets you see might be made from illegally poached animal parts. Don’t be afraid to ask what the product is made of and where it came from. By making informed choices, you can avoid having your souvenir confiscated and you’ll support wildlife conservation around the world.

2) Be smart about sustainable palm oil. Palm oil is a common ingredient used in thousands of packaged foods and household products. Every day, many acres of habitat in southeast Asia are burned to make way for more palms, leaving vulnerable species—like tigers and orangutans—with nowhere to go. Woodland Park Zoo supports the use of certified sustainable palm oil. Join us! Read labels to learn more, or get a forest-friendly shopping list at

3) Come Celebrate Asia’s breathtaking wildlife at Woodland Park Zoo’s Wild Asia: Asian Wildlife Conservation Day, Saturday, August 10, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Learn how your choices and actions can help save the lives of Malayan tigers like Bumi, greater one-horned rhinos, orangutans, tree kangaroos and other endangered species native to Asia.