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Limited Edition art highlights endangered species

Posted by: Dr. Deborah Jensen, President and CEO

Animals shouldn’t come in limited edition, yet dwindling wild populations have one fifth of the world’s vertebrates teetering on the edge of extinction. This fall, we launched our Limited Edition art campaign to draw attention to the plight of endangered species, what we’re doing to conserve them, and how you can help.

The campaign started with billboards around town showing artist renditions of six of the endangered species Woodland Park Zoo is working to save: Panamanian golden frog; western pond turtle; African wild dog; Sumatran tiger; golden lion tamarin; and red crowned crane. The six works of art, shown above, were designed by prominent Pacific Northwest artists Troy Gua, Natalie Oswald, Fumi Watanabe, Don Clark, Fiona McGuigan and Jesse LeDoux.

The numbers scribbled in the left-hand corner of the billboards—evocative of limited edition artwork—represent the number of individuals of that species remaining in the wild: 1,100 western pond turtles, 1,000 golden lion tamarins, 400 Sumatran tigers.

But there is hope and we can all be part of the solution. In a study released in October by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, biologists reported on the remarkable impact conservation efforts have had on reversing the extinction trend. According to the report, the status of biodiversity would have declined by nearly 20 percent if conservation actions had not been taken.

Woodland Park Zoo is proud to play a role in such conservation efforts worldwide that are making a difference. We support 37 conservation programs in 50 countries, restoring habitat, protecting wildlife, educating people and improving community livelihoods.

You can help support these conservation projects and the zoo’s work in animal care and education by getting involved in the Limited Edition campaign.

Art Open House – Sun., Nov. 14, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Meet some of the artists and see the original works up close at the ZooStore West. Mini Trophy Cupcakes will be served (while they last!).

Online original art auction
Bid on the original works of art from Sun., Nov. 14 – Sun., Nov. 21.

Prints for sale
Purchase prints of each work at the ZooStore or online. One work will be released as a limited edition print each week for six weeks, starting Nov. 14.

Eat a cupcake, save wildlife
From Nov. 14 through Dec. 18, Trophy Cupcakes will release a new Limited Edition cupcake each week (two the week of Dec. 12), featuring one of the six animals highlighted in the campaign. Purchase a Limited Edition cupcake at any Trophy Cupcakes location, and 100% of profits from each sale will go to help support Woodland Park Zoo.

Tell a friend
One of the best tools we have in conservation is conversation. Double your impact and tell a friend about the conservation concerns you have, and share with them some ways to help—from taking action with Woodland Park Zoo through our Limited Edition campaign to making eco-friendly choices at home. Click the Recommend button below to share this story on Facebook and get your network talking.

Any way you choose to get involved, you’ll be helping Woodland Park Zoo and our work around the globe. Thanks for all you do!

Art (clockwise from top left)
Panamanian golden frog by Troy Gua; western pond turtle by Natalie Oswald; African wild dog by Fumi Watanabe; Sumatran tiger by Don Clark; golden lion tamarin by Fiona McGuigan; red crowned crane by Jesse LeDoux.
Billboard design: WongDoody

Video produced by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo
Delicious looking cupcakes:
Trophy Cupcakes