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Woodland Park Zoo Holiday Gift Guide: Green Ideas for All

What do you get for that special someone who counts Mother Earth among their BFFs? We have a few ideas to share!

Warm up to the holidays with a cup of joe that saves joeys! Caffe Vita and Woodland Park Zoo's Tree kangaroo Conservation Program bring you coffee directly from Papua New Guinea farmers who have pledged their land for conservation. The Yopno Uruwa Som (YUS) Conservation Area covers 180,000 acres of pristine habitat, home to the endangered Matschie's Tree Kangaroo. The coffee is mellow and honey-like, with flavors of toasted hazelnut, orange zest, guava, and sugarcane.

You can find these magical beans at the ZooStore, at various Caffe Vita locations, or order online.

We have fair trade, 100% cotton napkins and kitchen towels that are hand embroidered in Pakistan using locally sourced cotton. These embroidered pieces help communities that share the snow leopard habitat earn a living without harming the snow leopards.

Embroidered kitchen towel set: $24.99 at ZooStore and online.


Resuable straws keep plastics from landfills and oceans. $10.00 at the ZooStore.

These reusable veggie bags will keep your greens fresh and crisp. $24.99 at the ZooStore.

Give the gift that keeps on giving with unlimited admission and fantastic benefits, including discounts, pre-sale opportunities and special experiences! And a gift at the "Conservation Partner" level will have an even greater impact for wildlife. Buy a membership for family or friends (or yourself!) and save $15 with promo code GIFT2020 (now through December 31, 2020). Purchase a membership here.

We have conservation partners locally and around the world that focus on species protection, recovery, and/or coexistence. You can learn more about our Northwest partners, our work with communities to save species in Papua New Guinea, or any number of projects in East Asia, India, Africa or South America—then pick one or more that will speak to whatever your giftee is most passionate about! Then donate to the project of your choice in the recipient's name here

A ZooParent animal adoption makes a great gift. Pick from a variety of species—each one supports conservation efforts here in the PNW and around the world. Plus, that snuggly plush that comes with it is made from recycled materials. Level up with a Lead Keeper or Curator package! Get your shop on and adopt today.

Bring the zoo to your living room with Call of the Wild! From ambassador animals to rhinos to wallabies, Call of the Wild is the perfect way to bring the joy of the zoo to your virtual meeting, gathering or happy hour. Along with our animal, a member of our animal care team will be on the line to translate for our furry, feathered and scaly pals. For more information, check out

When you make a gift of $2,500 or more to Woodland Park Zoo, you can choose to get the special honor of naming one of the zoo’s flamingos. Head to to learn more.

In case you missed them, our previous Gift Guides are packed with ideas  for that special little one in your life—or for animal lovers of all ages! The following items are available in person at our ZooStore or at our online ZooStore. Happy shopping!


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