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Sempurna inspires a splash of creativity!

Posted by Kirsten Pisto, Communications

This summer we asked artists of all ages to put their most creative coloring skills to the test with a MyZoo baby tapir coloring contest. With nearly 100 entries, it was reaallllly hard to choose since every single entry was exploding with love for the #SeattleWatermelon and mom, Ulan. However, your Woodland Park Zoo staff have decided and here are the grand prize winners as well as honorable mentions...

Grand Prize (Ages 2-6): Troy, age 5

Complete with a rainbow and excellent color choices as well as attention to detail, Troy you captured Sempurna's summertime vibes perfectly!

Honorable mention for ages 2-6:

Sophie, age 5

Claire, age 6

Vanessa, age 3

Grand Prize (Ages 7-12): Zoe, age 12

We loved the way Zoe treated the lush green background and her detailing in Ulan's eyes is so clever, congrats Zoe!

Honorable mention for ages 7-12:

Talia, age 7

The little feet!

Avery, age 12

Those watermelon colors!

Elsa, age 8

"I love you mom," Elsa knows the way to zoo staff hearts.

Grand Prize (Ages 13+): Jamila, age 17

We want to jump into the world Jamila has created for Ulan and baby Sempurna in her artwork. What a beautiful tribute to the #SeattleWatermelon, Jamila!

Honorable mention for ages 13+:

Bella, age 13

Marianne, age 34

Jane, age 37

Grand prize winners will receive a tapir-themed ZooStore package along with a framed print of Sempurna. Honorable mentions get bragging rights and your artwork will be given to the animal keepers in the tapir unit! Thanks to everyone who participated and spent so much time on these gorgeous creations.

Video: A compilation of nearly 100 entires from our coloring contest. Thanks to the many artists who submitted their work! Watch:

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