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Slytherin House Forever: Our magical corn snakes would love to meet you!

Posted by Elizabeth Bacher, Communications

Salem & Knox: These handsome corn snake brothers are besssssst buds! Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo 
We’d like you to get to know two snakes that are very special to us: Salem and Knox. These 5-year-old corn snake brothers joined our zoo family as youngsters and they’re still as close as can be!

Corn snakes are non-venomous and come in many different colors and patterns. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo
Corn snakes are a North American species of rat snake that subdues its prey by constriction or squeezing. They are not venomous. They can come in many different colors and patterns which allows for occasional misidentification as a more dangerous species, but are generally harmless to humans. In nature, corn snakes are very important for pest control. It is thought they got their name because they can often be found near corn and grain storage areas, where they help control rodent populations.
Salem and Knox get along swimmingly and share a behind-the-scenes home filled with mulch, branches and lots of cozy places to hide. Photo: Elizabeth Bacher/Woodland Park Zoo

They sometimes squeeze into the same hiding place and our keepers find them snuggling together. Photo: Elizabeth Bacher/Woodland Park Zoo
Salem and Knox live together and like to share a hide box, so sometimes there are two little heads sticking out from the house. They usually prefer to dine alone but otherwise get along really well. Their favorite snacks are mice and they enjoy exploring new smells and burying themselves under the mulch and soil in their house. Corn snakes also enjoy sunbathing—who doesn’t love some good basking time laying on warm surfaces? Or, in the case of our boys, under a cozy heat lamp!

Salem is a friendly snake who seems happy and comfortable in the hands of his keepers. Photo: Elizabeth Bacher/Woodland Park Zoo 
A lot of snakes just want to be left alone and will go out of their way to avoid people but these guys are so laid back and chill—they seem happy to share our company and to be handled. It is said that they even have a mischievous side—since they look a lot alike they have been known to trick some of our new animal keepers by impersonating each other!

Wait ... is that Salem or Knox? These (almost) identical twins keep us on our toes telling them apart. Each has his own unique personality but they're both pretty laid back. Photo: Elizabeth Bacher/Woodland Park Zoo
These handsome brothers are part of our Ambassador Animal program. That means you can meet Salem or Knox by inviting one of them to your next zoo birthday party, holiday party or private event. (No knowledge of Parseltongue needed.) They are awesome party guests—and there’s no need to share any of your cake as they’re on a special mouse-only diet!

Salem and Knox love being invited to hang out with zoo guests! You can have them, or any other of our Ambassador Animals as guests at your next zoo party or private event.* 

For an extra fee, many of our Ambassador Animals (including other reptiles, small mammals, amazing arthropods and birds) are available to add some extra fun and a unique experience for your next party*. For more information you can reach one of our team members at

(*extra feel applies)