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Plastic Free for Me Kicks Off a Plastic Free July

Posted by Daphne Matter, ZooCorps Intern

Woodland Park Zoo staff are pledging to reduce or refuse single-use plastics during Plastic Free July! With support from Seattle Public Utilities, we are inviting you to join us by taking the Plastic Free for Me pledge. 
Already ditched plastic bottles, straws and plastic bags? Think you are already single-use plastic free as can be? We bet there are ways you can do even more this month.

We challenge you to confess to your single-use plastic habit and pledge to do one more thing during July:

Every action, no matter how small, adds up to a huge impact when we all do our part. We think it's amazing how you are making a difference for wildlife! Photo of river otter by John Loughlin/Woodland Park Zoo.

We all have a less-than-awesome history when it comes to single-use plastics. Confess one way you have used plastics unsustainably or a single-use plastic habit that's especially hard for you to break. (All confessions will remain anonymous with your Plastic Free for Me nickname).

There are many ways to do more to stop single-use plastic consumption, here are just 5 ideas you can try out in July: 

Takeout Without: I will bring reusable containers and utensils when ordering out. This also goes for coffee or smoothies.

Stay Fresh: I will look for ways to cut single-use plastic products in the bathroom, then I will try one new product that has no plastic packaging.

Minimize Packaging: I will buy unpackaged produce and minimally packaged food or lifestyle items. 

Look and Learn: I will watch one documentary, read one book or host a discussion night with friends to learn about plastic-free lifestyle choices.

Cleanup: I will attend or organize a local cleanup at a river, beach or wetlands.

Take the pledge and receive a limited edition #PlasticFreeForMe water bottle sticker at the end of the month. Take the pledge now: 

Thank you for joining us to keep our oceans clean and our planet healthy for all.