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Giraffe baby takes her first steps outside

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Editor

Tufani has her eyes on our camera, and baby girl has her eyes on Tufani. They take their first steps outside of the barn and into the outdoors. It’s a little fenced area—a safe, controlled space to let them take in some fresh air but not overwhelm them. Baby girl’s ears twitch, she lifts her head to take in all the sights, and gets a little gallop in her step. “This is going to be fun!” her legs seem to be telling her, kicking up dirt as they get a feel for the ground.

It’s not long before baby is stretching her legs and walking around under the watchful eyes of momma Tufani. But Tufani isn’t the only one watching. Poppa Dave is technically on the other side of the fence, but at 15 feet tall, he can stretch his neck over and nuzzle the baby. Dave seems to think this newest arrival is the best part of each day. He’s interested in watching baby’s every move and appears to be as smitten as we are. Can’t blame ya, Dave!

While baby girl has inherited dad’s spotting, she has a personality so far that feels a lot like her mom’s. She’s curious about everything and unafraid. Tufani is a formidable guardian but is also giving her baby room to explore.

In the coming days, we’ll welcome mom and baby to spend time outside of their barn. Tufani and her calf have the choice to go inside when they want to, so it will be several weeks before we can establish a reliable viewing schedule. After a few months, baby will start following mom out to the savanna beyond their barn. Your patience is most appreciated and the reward will be most worth it! In the meantime, we’re also working on launching our webcam soon so you can keep up with mom and baby.

Mom Tufani and baby inside their cozy barn. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo.

If you love giraffes, consider these 5 ways to do more:

1. Make a gift

From nutritionists planning Tufani's diet to zookeepers providing devoted care, and from veterinarians monitoring baby’s health to conservationists protecting giraffe habitat—it takes a village. Make a gift today to help assure this baby grows up healthy and strong in a world where giraffe have a future.

2. Shop Tufani’s baby registry

Giraffe and other savanna animals need lots of items to keep them thriving. Help out our zookeepers by making a special purchase in honor of the newest member of the African savanna.

3. Tell us why you love giraffe

It means a lot to us when we hear members and visitors talk about their love for animals and their passion for protecting habitat. Leave a comment here or send us a message and we’ll share with the giraffe keepers and our giraffe conservation partners.

4. Adopt a giraffe ZooParent

Celebrate first-time giraffe mom Tufani with a symbolic animal adoption in her name! Adopt now to help fund conservation programs and the daily care and feeding of Seattle’s tallest baby, mom Tufani and all zoo inhabitants.

5. Share your #tallestbaby stories

As guests start to get peeks of baby and mom, we encourage you all to share your sightings on social media using #tallestbaby so we can watch this little one grow together!


This is really a good news and hope that giraffe baby will be able now to learn new things and making something good with positive initiatives.
lizstrauss said…
awesome. heart touching moments in the video