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MyZoo Kids' Backyard Creatures Contest

Posted by Kirsten Pisto, Communications

Calling creative kids and backyard explorers...

There are all sorts of enchanting creatures that live right in your backyard! From blue and green bees to magnificent butterflies, silky smooth worms to beautiful beetles—many cool animals help pollinate, fertilize and enrich your garden. If you could design a backyard creature, what would it look like?

 To print out a template, visit . Artwork "Underneath the Prunella" courtesy of the wonderful Melinda Hurst Frye.

The MyZoo Kids' Backyard Creatures contest invites kids to design their own inspired creatures, whether real or imagined we can't wait to see what you create!

Enter and you could win:
Grand prize (ages 7-10): a zoo sleepover experience for you and your favorite adult in August 2017.
Grand prize (ages 3-6): an orangutan ZooParent adoption and plush.
Two lucky runners up (all ages) will receive a Woodland Park Zoo t-shirt and 2 giraffe experience tickets.

Use your imagination to create your own backyard creature. Fill in the white space using pen, crayon, paint, makers… anything goes! How many creatures might live there? What do they eat, what do they do? 

For complete rules and guidelines, please visit are due by June 25, 2017 11:59 p.m.

Good luck!

Special thanks to local artist Melinda Hurst Frye for sharing her wonderful images with us in the summer issue of MyZoo magazine. To read more about Melinda's work and the beautiful backyard bugs that inspire her, check out the latest issue at

"Part explorer, artist and entomology enthusiast, Melinda Hurst Frye dives into her backyard to discover a world teeming with underground creatures. Using just a shovel, a stick and a scanner, the Seattle artist reveals an entire world right under our feet. The final product is a compilation of several scans as well as some added photographs of specific creatures, such as a mole or a caterpillar. The artwork has a magical quality to it, but all the subjects are representative of what’s really there."

From "Underneath", artwork courtesy of Melinda Hurst Frye.
What would you discover in your backyard if you stopped to take a closer look? A scanner is placed into the earth to find out... photo courtesy of artist Melinda Hurst Frye.
Even more of Melinda's fabulous work can be seen at Thanks for reminding us to look right underneath us and explore our micro environments!

If you need even more inspiration, stop by Bug World, our buggy exhibit is teeming with creatures you can find right under your toes!