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Which animal should I be for Halloween?

Posted by: Kirsten Pisto, Communications
Photos by: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo

You might think of Halloween costumes as the perfect disguise, but our quiz will reveal the true you.
Find the best animal costume to match your personality by taking our quiz, Which Animal Should I be for Halloween?

Discover your wild side and get DIY animal costume tips in time for Woodland Park Zoo's Pumpkin Bash!

After you've taken the quiz, check out a few easy DIY tips and tricks below to create the perfect animal costume just in time for Pumpkin Bash!

Once you have your costume you can take advantage of our exclusive Pumpkin Bash discount: one child 12 years and under in costume is admitted FREE with a paid adult (cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion).  

Bali Mynah

You are gregarious and charming. Your flock of friends is always close by and you prefer to hang with the in-crowd. Your charismatic demeanor is matched by your strikingly good looks—brilliant blue eye patches against a snowy white plumage and a fantastic crest of feathers. If it were up to you, you’d spend your time flitting between the tropical mountains and sunny valleys of Bali. When it comes to treats, you prefer small plates, with a variety of fruits and proteins. Your close-knit posse has your back in the spookiest of scenarios, so you have nothing to fear.

To make the costume:  

Items: Blue and black face paint, a few white feathers, white clothing, your loudest laugh
DIY: Use recycled sheets to create a simple wing-like shawl, cutting long jagged edges makes it more feathery-looking. Find a cereal box to cut out a long triangle and turn into a beak by painting it black and yellow. For the face paint, use dark black around the eyes and then add a bright blue from eyebrow to the side of the face. Top it off with a few white feathers in your hair and that's that!


You are independent and curious. You rely on your heightened senses to navigate the world and choose to do things your own way. You maintain a strong social network using your signature scent. You have a few very close friends, but you crave your alone time. When it comes to looks, you prefer to slip into the dark. Your beautiful dark spots and sleek tan fur mimic the shadowy rain forest. A creature of the night, you can be found hiding among jungle ferns and watching others with your incredible eyesight. With the stars as your guide, you aren’t afraid of no ghosts.

To make the costume:

Items: Black, brown and white face paint, tan clothing, black duct tape, cat ears, your signature scent
DIY: Start off with black lines on the face to copy the ocelot's look, then fill in with white and brown paint. After it has dried a little, you can add black spots to the white mouth. A pink nose is painted on last. For the pattern on the sweater use black duct tape to create spots and blotches. Carefully cut the tape, but don't worry about being too accurate, since each ocelot has its own markings. Cat ears are the final touch!

Gray Wolf

You are loyal and adventurous. You run with a tight pack of friends and you would do anything for them. You are happiest when you are exploring uncharted territory or trying out new experiences. You are a good communicator and you know how to read others’ emotions very well. Your handsome fur seems to shine in the moonlight, while your piercing eyes demand attention from others. When it comes to Halloween treats, as long as you are sharing them with your friends you aren’t too picky. Your instinctive nature and quick wit will outsmart any wicked witches that may fly your way.

To make the costume:

Items: Cereal box or thin cardboard, black ribbon, black and white paint, gray hoodie or coat, practice your howl
DIY: Use an old cereal box. Unfold the box so that the plain side is facing out. Start with measuring the eye holes (and don’t worry about pencil marks, since you’ll be painting the entire mask). Carefully cut out the eye holes with a craft knife or box cutter. Now that the eyes are placed, draw the nose about 4 ½ inches below the eyes. Copy the mask here, or look at a photo of a wolf for inspiration. Cut out the jagged edges to mimic fur. When it comes to painting you can be creative, but it’s easiest to paint if you have three layers. The darkest gray use for the ears and outer cheeks, then use light gray and finally white. Use light gray to paint down the nose and draw attention to the snout. We also added pink ears. Punch holes into the sides of the mask, towards the top and attach a ribbon to each end to tie around your head. Voila!

Golden Orb Weaver

You are patient and calm. Your gorgeous golden abdomen is speckled with white drops, while your elegant brownish-red legs seem to stretch out forever. You are a creative soul, and much of your day is spent admiring your carefully woven silk web. Most of the time you go with the flow, gently floating above a small stream, hovering over a turquoise mangrove swamp or delicately balanced above the African horizon. An opportunistic snacker, you’re happy with whatever comes your way. You prefer your own space, but once in a while you’ll open up to others. When it comes to monsters, your chill demeanor gives you plenty of time to prevail.

To make the costume:

Items: Two pairs of black or brown tights, fishing line or clear thread, yellow t-shirt, black long sleeve shirt, black pants, black eyeliner or makeup stick, gold, white and red paint, recycled newspaper
DIY: Begin by getting creative with your yellow shirt. Paint white splotches and dots on the front, then add dashes of red, orange and gold to mimic the orb weaver’s pattern. For the legs, stuff each sock or pair of tights with crunched up newspaper (we also used shredded office paper which worked really well). Once stuffed, use black duct tape to seal the ends. You can either sew or tape the extra legs to your shirt, two below each arm. Now use the clear thread to loop the legs to your own arms, much like a puppet string. Draw delicate fangs below your lips with the eyeliner for a complete spidey look.

Ocelot, wolf, bali mynah and golden orb weaver on their way to Pumpkin Bash!

Swing by Pumpkin Bash: Sat. and Sun., Oct. 29-30, 2016, 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. for a chance to show off your costume-making skills and enjoy pumpkins for the animals, trick-or-treating, and more. See how pumpkins bring out the animals’ wild instincts as hippos chomp, meerkats dig, and bears crunch their way through the festive treats. Activities free with zoo admission or membership.

PLUS: Don't miss Boomazium!
Zoomazium, the zoo’s indoor nature play space, will be transformed into a Halloween-themed Boomazium where not-so-scary storytelling, costumed puppet shows, games and more are sure to delight young guests. 

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