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Tiger rangers put eyes on the forest

Posted by: Fred Koontz, PhD, Vice President of Field Conservation

In my last blog post, you read a story about my recent trip to Malaysia, which included a visit to our Harimau Selamanya (“Tigers Forever”) conservation project area. As I wrote to you, I left feeling daunted at the sheer scale of resources needed to save the critically endangered Malayan tiger, yet hopeful about our collective power to save them, together.

Malaysia's Greater Taman Negara Region spans 3 million acres, three times the size of Washington's Olympic National Park. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo.

The Good News: Our efforts are working! Woodland Park Zoo's partnership with Panthera, the international wild cat conservancy, and Malaysian non-profit Rimba combines resources to stop the illegal killing of tigers. In just two years, rangers from Malaysia's Department of Wildlife and National Parks, with support from our team of 14 dedicated researchers have removed more than 10 snares and helped apprehend 18 poachers. Their daily presence alone deters illegal hunting—poachers know the forest is being watched.

The Bad News: The number of known wild tigers outside our project area continues to drop. More boots on the ground are needed to protect tigers in our 250,000-acre project area AND to scale up our efforts.

You Can Help

You follow this blog because you love wildlife. I ask you then to consider helping to expand poacher patrols and put more boots on the ground and eyes on the forest.

Give $19 to sponsor a ranger

Just $19 American dollars fund a day's operations for a ranger in Malaysia. Every $19 equates to a new day of protection for wild tigers, preserving their majestic beauty 24 hours at a time for generations to come. Please consider sponsoring a ranger like Jasdev, whose father instilled a great love of nature in him at a young age, which drives him to put himself on the line each day to save tigers in his country. Watch this video to hear his story.

With fewer than 350 Malayan tigers surviving in the wild, your support can help save this species from extinction.

Thank you for joining us in the fight.

Eko, one of three male tigers at Woodland Park Zoo.

There is a tiger in a forest that has survived thanks to support from people just like you. Thank you for loving tigers and for supporting our work to protect these critically endangered animals.


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