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Tiger Forest in 360°

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Editor

Malayan tigers are on a thin line between here and gone, but there is hope. If we protect their habitat and keep them out of the hands of poachers, tiger populations can rebound.

On a recent trip, Woodland Park Zoo animal care, field conservation and communications staff joined a MYCAT volunteer patrol deep in the tiger’s forest realm. They placed a 360° camera in one of the planet’s most ancient rain forests to show you what’s at stake. Use the controls to peer around this slice of tiger habitat located in a critical wildlife corridor along the edge of Taman Negara, Malaysia’s premier national park.

Video: 360° View of Malaysian Tiger Forest. 
NOTE: 360°-view enabled browser required to explore full view of the video.

The fact that you can barely see much in the distance is a good thing—the density of this forest supports incredible diversity of life. When we fight to protect tiger forests, we’re saving the home of so many more, from lichens to trees, snails to elephants.

Beware wildlife crossing as you head into Malaysia’s forests. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo.

Looking for signs of tigers—and their poachers—a volunteer MYCAT patrol group enters the forest. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo.

The volunteer patrol group hiked deep into the forest for days—and nights—on a mission to protect tigers. Photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo.

Later, they approached this illegal logging site. In stark contrast, we see 360° of nothing—no natural diversity and no sustainable future for wildlife or people.

NOTE: 360°-view enabled browser required to explore full view of the video.

Deforestation is one of the major threats facing tigers today, but it’s not too late. You can make wise consumer choices around palm oil and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood to support sustainable resource use.

The work continues in the field. With your support, Woodland Park Zoo and Panthera work together with on-the-ground partners in Malaysia to conserve tigers and their forests. Want to get involved? Join our Tiger Team, a coalition of local advocates like you fighting for global impact.