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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Zoo summer camps offer wild times

Posted by: Jessie Maxwell, Education

Photo: Woodland Park Zoo.

The number of days left in the school year are dwindling, and soon summer will be upon us! I am the Alpha Dog of our summer camp program, and my favorite time of year is nearly here. Our zoo camp programs are a terrific blend of learning and fun and have been providing immersive zoo experiences for children for several generations. One program in particular, Discoveries Day Camp, not only offers fun, exploratory science learning for kids ages 5–7, but expresses it all though the world of creative drama in partnership with the Seattle Children’s Theatre.

Discoveries Day Camp incorporates drama and science in a week-long adventure through interactive storytelling and animal-based games and tours. In I Spy, we will travel around the zoo gaining knowledge and finding clues to use in our special assignment as a group of secret agents solving animal mysteries. No case is too difficult for us!

Photo: Seattle Children's Theatre.

In Magizoology we’ll learn how to take care of real plants and animals, then use those new-found facts to prepare our own magical zoo for its grand opening. We’ll use our MTD (Magical Traveling Device, of course!) to travel to an imaginary zoo, where we’ll find experts to guide us in the ways of keeping animals safe and healthy!

Photo: Seattle Children's Theatre.

All of our camp staff come from a diverse professional background, and our DDC crew is no exception! From professional acting careers to classroom teaching, and from portraying Disney characters to international work, our staff is not only well versed in our animal collection and their wild counterparts, but their depth of theater and drama knowledge is impressive. They come from far and wide to be a part of this program, and are really looking forward to a week of camp with your young actors!

Photo: Woodland Park Zoo.

If theater is not your kiddo’s cup of tea, never fear! We offer many other camp programs for young scientists and explorers who want to learn more about animals and nature. Through games, activities and crafts, our camp instructors weave together zoology with wildlife conservation and wrap it in a big candy-coated ball of fun for ages 3–14 to make their groups’ week of camp a success.

Photo: Woodland Park Zoo.

We are offering more sessions of camp than we ever have before! Registration for camp is open, and many spaces are still available. We can’t wait to see you this summer!

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