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Winners of the MyZoo Kids’ Thank a Tiger Hero Contest

Posted by: Kirsten Pisto, Communications

Conservationists and rangers are real heroes working to protect tigers and their habitat. In May, we asked young MyZoo magazine readers to create their own thank you posters and we’d send them straight to our colleagues in the tropical forests of Malaysia.

Drum roll please…

Suhyeon Choi, age 8, won the Grand prize (ages 7-10) which includes a zoo Overnight Adventure on August 15, 2015. Congratulations Suhyeon! This is what Suhyeon had to say about tigers, "I love tigers because they are cute yet fierce and I love animals all the same". We couldn’t agree more. Suhyeon’s creativity and her rainbow palette really stood out to the judges.

Ella Gruner, age 6, won the Grand prize (ages 3-6) which includes a tiger ZooParent adoption and plush! When asked why she loves tigers, Ella said, “I love tigers because they live in one of my favorite places, the jungle.” We really loved her delicate tiger drawing as well as the amazing penmanship and tiger font! Way to go, Ella!

Reece Holberg, age 8 and Hannah Harms, age 6 were our two lucky runners up and will each receive a Woodland Park Zoo t-shirt and giraffe feeding tickets.

Thanks to all the awesome entries, we have a beautiful stack of "Thank You" posters to send to our colleagues who are dedicated to protecting tigers. We will send copies of ALL of the entries to our field partners in Malaysia to thank them for being tiger heroes.

Field researcher Wai Yee checks a camera trap used to study tiger populations in the area. 
It takes a team of heroes.

Thank YOU for supporting Woodland Park Zoo and our conservation partners in Malaysia and all across the globe who protect wildlife and wild spaces.

Andrew Barrett, age 9. Your collage skills are fantastic, Andrew!

Jamison Oleksy, age 8. Two tigers, two mediums and one fine masterpiece!

Sophia Lee Honton, age 7. These are the best tiger gifts we'd ever seen! She even labeled each package.

Artist unknown, but we love that purple!

Vivian Anschell, age 7, a little collaboration with her grandmother Janelle Loewen. We think they make a pretty awesome team!