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Elephant update: a letter from Dr. Jane Goodall

Ms. Goodall has respectfully asked for time to review the issues more closely while she reconsiders her viewpoint. We continue to provide her with information and access to sources as needed.

Bamboo and Chai at Woodland Park Zoo. Photo by Mandi Fillmore/Woodland Park Zoo.

Some of you may have seen last week a letter circulating from esteemed conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall about our plans to relocate elephants Chai and Bamboo to join a family at Oklahoma City Zoo.

We had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Goodall and provide her access to more information about the careful planning that went into identifying their new home.

After reviewing all the information available to her and consulting her network of professional colleagues, Ms. Goodall sent the following letter she would like for us to share with you all now.

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Text in full:
Dear Mayor Murray, Council President Burgess, & Dr. Jensen: 
On April 22, 2015, I made some comments regarding the needs of Chai and Bamboo without having full information about their options.  Since then, I have reviewed the findings of the Expert Review Panel and I am writing today to share my views.   
I still very firmly believe that Chai and Bamboo should be moved to a multi-generational herd, as recommended by the Expert Review Panel. I have also reviewed the options for Chai and Bamboo to be relocated into a social herd of Indian Elephants.  While PAWS maintains a wonderful sanctuary, the Oklahoma City Zoo would provide the optimal home for Chai and Bamboo. 
At Oklahoma City Zoo, Chai and Bamboo would join a family of elephants, including two young adults, a four year old and an infant. Elephants are highly intelligent animals with deep emotional connections and complex social structures.  Chai and Bamboo will be able to live more fully within this more complete family herd.  
I hope you will act soon to secure the well-being of these two amazing beings. The caliber of the team of professionals making this recommendation is impressive.  I hope the weight of their experience, expertise and concern for Chai and Bamboo will convince you to help them transition to their new home at Oklahoma City Zoo. 
Yours sincerely,

Jane Goodall, Ph.D. DBE
Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace


Anonymous said…
Real integrity, including the willingness to change ones position as more thorough information becomes available , is always so gratifying to see.