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Ivory ban legislation fails to pass in Washington

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Editor

We’re disappointed to share the news that legislation to #BanIvoryWA failed to pass in Olympia this year. Special interest groups opposing the bipartisan House and Senate bills fought hard to put the protection of ivory products above the protection of elephants.

Which one will you fight to protect? 
The African elephant will go extinct within 20 years if we don’t take unprecedented action to stop wildlife trafficking, which includes ending the legal loopholes that allow the ivory black market to continue right here in the United States.

If you believe no one needs ivory more than elephants, then we need your help.

Next year we’ll bring this legislation back to Olympia and we’ll need to be louder than before to contend with the opposition. We need voices all over the state—from Aberdeen to Zillah—to stand up for elephants. Talk to your friends, ask them to join the herd, and sign up for news at to be on the inside track for the next round in Olympia.

Though there’s more work to do, we want to thank you all sincerely for getting us this far—your voices raised awareness for the issue in Olympia and got legislators working. Our thanks go also to Representative Pettigrew and Senator Litzow for introducing bipartisan ivory ban bills this legislation and fighting for wildlife.

The herd will be heard.


Anonymous said…
Did you think to add a legislative exception to existing musical instruments, so that pianos, violins, etc., that were made at a time when ivory was the ONLY suitable material would be exempt? No wonder the bill failed, and it's a good thing.
The proposed legislation did include a number of reasonable exceptions including parameters around certain antiques and instruments.
Janet said…
Nuts. I am SO disgusted by the House and Senate of Washington State. They REALLY made the State of Washington look stupid, behind-the-times, and really just darned pathetic. Phooey! :(