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ZooCrew projects highlight African conservation

Posted by: Stacey Hammond, Education

The ZooCrew middle school outreach program is back in action this fall at Asa Mercer International Middle School, Washington Middle School, Seattle World School, and McClure Middle School. This quarter, ZooCrew participants learned about issues facing the animals of the African savanna. The participants designed their own projects to take action on these issues, raising awareness and advocating for the animals.

Check out some of the projects from this quarter!

Waterhole Restoration Project: bringing awareness to issues around waterholes in the African savanna and highlighting a resource for people to learn more about the issues and projects happening. Video created by Ava, Isobel, Tracey, Malia.

Michael from Seattle World School chose to write about the Waterhole Restoration Project and bring awareness to the issue of resource depletion and how it affects animals. In his blog post, he explains what people can do to get involved with helping local conservation efforts. Read Michael's blog.

African Wild Dog Project: educating people about the most endangered carnivore in the African savanna and encouraging people to take action and help. The posters, created by Raegan, Maya, Michelle, and Julia from Asa Mercer International Middle School, will be displayed at their school to inform and inspire their peers.

Cheetah Project: educating people about the cheetah. Tommy and his team from Washington Middle School created a poster to teach others about the cheetah. Not only was their poster displayed at the ZooCrew Conservation Project Showcase, but it was also displayed at their school during a special evening event for students and their families.

See their poster here:

Elephant Poaching Project: raising awareness and educating people about threats to African elephants.

Mahalia, Rowan, Ayden, Jasmyne, Isabella, Nasia, Milla, and Joanne from Washington Middle School set out to educate others and spread awareness about issues in the African Savanna. They hoped that through their poster making campaigns, they would inspire others to take action to save endangered animals like the African elephant.

Check out their posters here:

Cheyenne and Ann from Washington Middle School are also passionate about saving African elephants. They hoped to educate people about them by writing a blog post for others to read.
Read their blog post.  

Lion Education Project: raising awareness about conservation issues that affect lions and inspiring action.

Siblings Strella and Stelbee from Seattle World School shared their passion for lions by writing two informational blog posts about lions. They hope to inspire others to care about lions and take action.

Nawaal and Hui from Seattle World School took a different approach to raising awareness about issues facing animals in the African savanna. Both wrote narratives about how lions and humans coexist in the African savanna. 

These were just some of the many projects ZooCrew students worked on during the fall. Congratulations to the ZooCrew participants on a job well done! Learn more about Woodland Park Zoo's conservation work in Africa and around the world through our field conservation program.