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Video: 3-day-old lion cubs nursing

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Editor

The lion cubs, seen here at three days old, are doing well behind the scenes with mom Adia. Watch them wrestle and roll around as they position themselves for nursing in this new video:

Video: Baby Lion Cub Sweetness

In case you missed it, find the first photos and video of the cubs in the birth announcement from last week.

We'll continue to provide updates on the three boys from behind the scenes. It'll be some time before we see the family out on exhibit. For now, they need to focus on nursing, bonding with mom, developing their motor skills and getting big and strong!


Anonymous said…
Sweet video. Happy futures for these precious cubs!
Anonymous said…
They are super cute!
Anonymous said…
I can not wait to take some pictures... So cute.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for posting this precious video and pictures. I always appreciate being able to peak behind the scenes when new babes are born.
Anonymous said…
We just became ZooParents to this precious family. Can not wait for our first real viewing.