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Sinus treatment continues for Vip

Posted by Caileigh Robertson, Communications
Back in his outdoor exhibit with his group, silverback Vip is breathing more freely since his successful sinus surgery. In late August, a team of ear, nose and throat specialists joined Woodland Park Zoo’s animal health team to clear Vip of sinus blockage caused by a severe sinus infection, and have continued working with our staff to monitor his progress since the surgery. After the procedure, and necessary days of rest and recovery, Vip’s healthy appetite and curious demeanor were welcome signs to his care team.

Photo by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo

To ensure Vip is on track for long-term success, our animal health team and consulting physicians will take a look at his improved sinus condition and clear any remaining blockage during a follow-up procedure this Saturday, October 4. Our animal health team has also called on the help of a local oral surgeon to give Vip a thorough dental evaluation during this weekend’s procedure. Although the aging silverback’s prognosis remains guarded, Vip’s positive response and recovery to the recent surgery is very encouraging. We’re optimistic for a positive outcome!


Jayme Richards said…
Wishing you well Mr. V.I.p. I want to hug you. You have been such a champ through all of this.