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Watch zebra and giraffe on new Savanna Cam

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

What will you spot on the Savanna Cam today? Streaming live from Woodland Park Zoo’s award-winning African Savanna exhibit, our newest cam looks north over the exhibit plains from the African school house. Here you'll find the zoo’s giraffe, oryx, zebra, gazelle and ostrich, a mixed community of species that are naturally found together in the dry grasslands of Africa.

The camera runs 24/7 and the best viewing is from dawn 'til dusk. In this video clip, you'll get a little preview of what you'll see on the cam. Tune into the Savanna Cam live stream for a real-time look at the savanna.

VIDEO: Giraffe checks out the new Savanna Cam.

When watching, look for highlights on the savanna including:

Giraffe calf Misawa

Photo by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo.

Though he towers over the grazers around him, nearly one-year-old giraffe calf Misawa is notably smaller than his mother Olivia and aunt Tufani. Look for the giraffes to be stretching tall to browse from tree-top feeders throughout the exhibit. On days of inclement weather, the giraffes can more likely be found in their heated barn, better viewed through the Giraffe Barn Cam.

Feeding behaviors

Photo by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.

It’s three square meals a day for us, but for the grazers of the African Savanna, they are surrounded by an all-day buffet. Look for the zebra, oryx and gazelle to be grazing from the grasses throughout the day. As each prefers something a little different—taller grass for some, shoots and short grass for others—they can share their meals without competition.

The mix of species out on the savanna hints at the incredible biodiversity of African wildlife. With support from visitors and members like you, Woodland Park Zoo collaborates with a variety of conservation organizations that share one mission: to protect the endangered native species of Africa and preserve their habitats.
Woodland Park Zoo works with the Tarangire Elephant Project and other collaborators for African wildlife conservation. Photo by Mustafa Hassanali/Tarangire Elephant Project.
From saving the tiny Egyptian tortoise to the enormous African elephant, catch up with the conservation collaborators we work with through the zoo's Partners for Wildlife and Wildlife Survival Fund programs.