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Thank you Woodland Park Zoo Volunteers!

Posted by: Kirsten Pisto, communications
Photos by: Dennis Dow

It is National Volunteer Week and we would like to thank our talented volunteers who are an essential part of making Woodland Park Zoo a joy to visit and a phenomenal place to work. Our 750 volunteers and their devotion to our animals and passion for our mission are an incredible presence at the zoo. With their in-depth knowledge of every corner of the zoo it’s hard to imagine operating without them. Whether it’s assisting keepers with cleaning (scooping poop), speaking with children in Zoomazium (giggle fest), pruning roses with the horticulture staff (wear your gloves!), educating and assisting our guests (kids and big kids at heart!), doing office work (keeping us in check), helping with diet prep (chopping carrots like a top chef) or providing event support (musical chairs), their enthusiasm and passion for this institution keeps us all inspired.

As ambassadors for Woodland Park Zoo, each and every volunteer is put through a rigorous training program to familiarize them with every aspect of the zoo and help promote our mission of saving wildlife and habitat. While training does not include a 3-shovel Zoo Doo race across the North Meadow, the lost engagement ring scavenger hunt, or a timed identification quiz on our 300+ species… we have no doubt they could pull it off.

Thank you Woodland Park Zoo volunteers! You are all amazing and we are grateful for your superb service and unending dedication to our animals and guests.  

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Anonymous said…
How is it that Woodland Park Zoo gets the most amazing volunteers anywhere on the planet? They're outstanding!! Thank you for all you do for the mission to inspire people to learn, care and act.
Unknown said…
Thanks for this valuable sharing! Woodland Park Zoo just awesome place and worth to visit. Not massive but enough to occupy your time for a few hours which I think is perfect.