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Snow day at Woodland Park Zoo

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications
Photos by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo

Most of the snow has already melted away, but thankfully we have these great photos to help us remember this weekend's winter wonderland!

The lion cubs discovered snow is the perfect landing pad for pounces.

The snow leopard is a natural in the snow with thick fur and a long tail that acts as a scarf when they need to tuck in and warm up.

The elephants chose to explore the snow throughout their exhibit.

Snow provides a new tactile sensation to an elephant's trunk.

Graceful cranes look especially beautiful in a snowy setting. 

In the center is a juvenile flamingo distinguished by its black and gray feathers that have not yet all turned to pink. Snow is a new experience for the young one.

Chilean flamingos are hardy birds that are built to withstand extremely cold winter nights in their native South American habitat.

Some animals look for shelter or heated spaces in the snow, while others head right into it. The Roosevelt elk enjoyed their snowy coated field.

The wolves of the Northern Trail disappeared into the snowy backdrop.

The Northern Trail is often the best place to see animals enjoying the snow.

We acquired a new temporary resident over the weekend, a snowman lovingly made by our visitors!


Anonymous said…
Love the pics, especially the lion cubs!