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Keep Puget Sound Clean: Make it hippo-poo free

Posted by: Laura Lockard, Director of Public Affairs and Communications

Friends, we need your help! We have an opportunity to clean up Puget Sound by making a major difference here at the zoo—using green technology to keep hippo waste from overflowing into local waterways. It’ll take the support of the state legislature to get us there, so we’re asking you to raise your voice and let Capital Budget Chairs, Rep. Hans Dunshee and Sen. Jim Honeyford and their committees know you support this effort!

Photo by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.

Here is what’s at stake:

Woodland Park Zoo is asking the state legislature to help with our commitment to sustainability and resource management in the Puget Sound area by requesting state capital funding for our priority sustainability project: reducing water waste from the zoo's hippo pool in the African Savanna exhibit. With an approximately $2 million state investment, completion of the hippo pool project would accomplish the following:

  • Use green technologies to clean and recycle water instead of emptying and refilling, saving 6 million gallons of water annually—about 15 percent of the zoo’s total water use.
  • Reduce operating costs by $150,000 annually with the reduction in waste
  • Protect the Puget Sound from waste water runoff
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Ready to take action?

Please sign the call to action letter below and we will deliver your signature to Capital Budget Chairs, Rep. Hans Dunshee and Sen. Jim Honeyford and their committees.

Sign the letter of support

Thank you for taking action to support Woodland Park Zoo and protect the Puget Sound! To stay up to date with zoo action alerts, join ZooAction to receive email alerts.