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Thanksgiving: Woodland Park Zoo style

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications
Photos: Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo

From all of us here at Woodland Park Zoo, we give thanks to you—our amazing pack of wild-at-heart animal lovers who have helped make this world-class zoo a community tradition for 114 years.

Of course, you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without a feast and friends to share it with. So as you belly up to your perfectly set table to enjoy your holiday spread, allow us to start the meal off with an animal-inspired toast.

[Raise a glass]

Dearest friends…

…Here’s to a drool-worthy Thanksgiving feast…

…May your meal taste better than cardboard and may your guests not ruin your centerpiece…

…May you wolf down your first serving so you can get to seconds. Then thirds…

…Table manners aside, may you dive head first into the comforts and joys of the season...

…And may your holidays be filled with tender moments.



  1. Thanks giving is not just for human but also for animals.


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