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Komodo dragon sunbathing

Posted by: Kirsten Pisto, Communications

A sun bathing dragon is not something you see every day, unless you work at Woodland Park Zoo!

When most people think of Komodo dragons, they think of a dangerous creature with venomous bacteria filled saliva, sharp claws and tough scales. But, Komodos have a sensitive side, especially when it comes to their sunbathing needs!

Video: Go behind the scenes at the Komodo dragon exhibit. Produced by Kirsten Pisto/WPZ

In this new video, exhibit attendant Jordan Veasley and zoo experiences team member Sam Retic find out how a Komodo dragon soaks up the rays at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. They meet up with zookeeper Peter Miller who takes them behind the scenes to get up close with a sunbathing dragon.

Photo by Mat Hayward/Woodland Park Zoo.

Part of our job here at the zoo is to study the health of these reptiles, especially when it comes to sun exposure and vitamin D absorption. Working with these dragons is very rewarding. When we see them cooperate with our training and animal care, we know that these creatures are getting the best care we can provide.

Photo by Mat Hayward/Woodland Park Zoo.

Komodo dragons are a vulnerable species, there are only about 5,000 left in the wild today. You can help protect Komodos and other reptiles by pledging not to buy illegal pets or illegal animal products. Read up on Komodo dragons then come visit these magnificent lizards up close at the zoo!