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Otter naming contest results are in

Posted by: Caileigh Robertson, Communications

Guntur and Teratai in the Bamboo Forest Reserve exhibit. The pair is currently off view while they raise their newborn pups. Photo by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo.

More than 1,000 community members weighed in to name Woodland Park Zoo’s new Asian small-clawed otter pair in our naming contest presented by Umpqua Bank.

After a panel of zoo judges deliberated over your Malay language submissions, the winning names are:

  • Male otter - Guntur ("thunder")
  • Female otter - Teratai (“water lily or lotus”)

The lucky winners who submitted the selected names are sisters Megan and Nicole Green (ages 9 and 10) of Renton and Hanah Deets (age 7) of Bainbridge Island.

Thanks to all who entered! Guntur and Teratai are currently off exhibit while they raise their newborn pups, but will re-debut this August when the young family is ready to explore the Bamboo Forest Reserve together

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Anonymous said…
I hope the names I submitted will be used as names for two of the pups. I did research at the Main Library(of Sea. Pub.) and I got to look at a Book that is kept in the 7th fl. Ref. only stacks(off limits to the Gen. public). The book had to be brought out to the main desk by a Librarian.