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ZooCrew makes a howl of a video

Posted by: Rob Goehrke, Education

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am a part of ZooCrew and for the winter session we were studying wolves. Now you may think wolves are these dangerous creatures that will kill anything they seem to find. But to be honest that's not completely true.

Jeremy is an 8th grader at Pacific Middle School. As a member of ZooCrew, he got to work on a project that is tied to specific conservation careers. He and a few of his classmates chose to make a short film about a boy raised by wolves in order to highlight some misconceptions about this animal. After receiving ongoing feedback from of our Digital Communications Manager, they premiered their film at the zoo.

(Above photo: Jeremy with the zoo's Digital Communications Manager inviting visitors to view the film.)

After finishing their projects, ZooCrew students participated in a mock debate to delve into some of the complexities and challenges of conservation work. Since our winter topic was Wolves in Washington, each student took on the role of a different stakeholder in the real wolf debate currently going on in the state, including hunters, ranchers, conservationists, and politicians. Jeremy shared afterwards that “hearing other perspectives helps you understand more.

We hope you enjoy this lighthearted video about a serious topic, and you join us in finding solutions that help both wolves and people across the state.

Video: ZooCrew students howl with the wolves. Produced by ZooCrew.

For more info on wolves, check out Western Wildlife Outreach, one of our Partners for Wildlife conservation collaborators. Or come to our annual BearAffair: Pacific Northwest Conservation event on June 8. For more on ZooCrew, visit