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Tropical aviary a highlight of new Bamboo Forest Reserve

Posted by: Kirsten Pisto, Communications

When you enter the new Bamboo Forest Reserve exhibit, your eyes might go directly to the otters, but it won’t be long before your ears pick up one of the other highlights of the exhibit—a sonorous aviary filled with the chirps, warbles and songs of five Asian tropical bird species.

Nicobar pigeon. Photo by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo.

To find the birds, you’ll want to look up, down and all around the aviary, as the birds will be everywhere from high in the trees to low in the bushes. You’ll encounter the collared finchbill, white-rumped shama thrush, great argus, red-billed leiothrix and Nicobar pigeon.

Great argus. Photo by Mat Hayward/Woodland Park Zoo.

The five bird species are a loquacious crew and are host to an array of flamboyant plumage. From the call of the great argus as he prepares a spectacular dance for his mate to the sparkling metallic green feathers of the Nicobar pigeon, from the delicate porcelain songs of the white-rumped shama thrush to the cheerful warbles of the red-billed leiothrix, the aviary evokes the harmony and colors of the forest.

Bamboo Forest Reserve officially opens this Saturday, May 4. Join us and welcome these beautiful birds to the zoo!


Cory said…
The aviary was the first thing I noticed when I saw the preview of the exhibit! I had been wondering why I hadn't seen the Nicobar pigeons on my last visit.