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Make your voice heard

Posted by: Laura Lockard, Communications

Ever wonder how you can do more to help the zoo?

Woodland Park Zoo would like to invite you to join our new advocacy program, ZooAction. Every day, issues are being considered at the federal, state and local levels that affect the zoo, our conservation and education programs, and our ongoing effort to save wildlife and their habitats. ZooAction provides a great arena to share policy information as it relates to the zoo and allows you to help advocate for the zoo.

By joining ZooAction you are signing up to help advocate for issues that affect the zoo. You can also follow ZooAction on Facebook and Twitter.

ZooAction will keep you informed about public policy issues that affect the zoo. You will be asked to take action by contacting your elected officials by phone or email about important issues. We will also keep you informed about how state or local initiatives or ballot measures impact Woodland Park Zoo, such as the upcoming 2013 King County Parks Levy.

This August, the 2013 Levy will be on the ballot to increase funding for King County Parks. Included in this measure is $4.2 million annually (2014-2019) in funding for the zoo. This will help pay for significant zoo programing such as the Community Access Program, environmental education and conservation programs and animal and exhibit care. We will be encouraging people who join ZooAction to vote for the measure and to educate friends and family.

Take action and share the zoo’s conservation and education mission with your community leaders and elected officials. It is the continued support from the community that allows Woodland Park Zoo to thrive and we thank you for your commitment to sustain that tradition.

Spread the word, and support the zoo in an active, powerful way! Thank YOU!