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From ideas to reality—how MyZoo Magazine is made

Posted by: Laura Lockard, MyZoo Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Have you seen the latest issue of the MyZoo member magazine?

Chock full of baby lions, behind the scenes information and a brand new kids section this latest issue was a hit!

Woodland Park Zoo’s member magazine, MyZoo, is created with the help of many zoo staff from a diverse pool of departments. Like caring for animals, cultivating beautiful gardens, and educating students, the content we produce and share with you takes heaps of teamwork and passionate individuals.

The lion cubs were an obvious story choice for the recent issue! Photo by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.

Before you see it, our editorial team starts with a theme for each issue as well as a handful of ideas. Of course we have to consider all of the timely events around the zoo, like four lion cubs being born! For the spring issue we were very fortunate to have our cubs in the spotlight helping to tell Woodland Park Zoo’s conservation story. When you have four furry babies, the storyboard starts to fill in fast!

Staff from around the zoo pitch their story ideas and we go from there. The animal curators do the heavy lifting providing scientific details and we have great additions from education, horticulture, communications, development, events, and in depth conservation stories sharing Wildlife Conservation Fund updates.

The hard part is deciding which stories to tell! Once we have a pile of stories, our editorial team makes the final decisions and does some editing and rearranging. Then off it goes to creative services team, who work their invaluable layout and design magic.

Video: MyZoo Magazine hot ON the presses. By Laura Lockard/Woodland Park Zoo.

Next up, our precious material goes to the press. The printing process is fascinating, with giant barrels of environmentally friendly ink standing at the ready, paper is spooled and the printshop smells like a pile of new books. The computer uploads the digital magazine design to plates and to the press and before you know it … an adorable lion cub graces the cover of the latest issue.

The first 16 pages of the magazine are prepped at the printshop. Photo by Laura Lockard/Woodland Park Zoo.

The first 16 pages of the magazines are dried and cooled before they go to a folding machine in line on the press. Then the second 16 pages are printed and folded. Then they are collated and stapled and ready to mail to your house, and hopefully that cub pull-out poster ends up on your wall!

Magazines getting ready for mailing. Photo by Laura Lockard/Woodland Park Zoo.

This year we are reducing our carbon footprint even more by greening up and printing on 30% post-consumer content paper which is FSC-certified. We also use a printer and mail house that are closer for less vehicle travel time. You can help us be green by sharing and passing along our magazine rather than sending it to the recycling bin when you are done.

If you would like a glossy full of insider animal news, photos of adorable zoo babies and the latest zoo events, become a member today and we will deliver right to your mailbox!