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Wonderfully Wild Wednesday: Hawks vs. Falcons

Posted by: Caileigh Robertson, Communications

With this weekend’s Hawks vs. Falcons game rapidly approaching, let’s take a look at some of the strengths of each opponent.

Red-tailed hawk (left, photo by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo) and peregrine falcon (right, photo by Dennis Conner/Woodland Park Zoo)

1. Hawks capture and kill their prey with their feet, yet falcons rely on the tomial tooth of their beaks to break the necks of their prey. (I wouldn’t want to be that unlucky fellow…)

2. Hawks are known for their slow glides in the sky, while falcons are known for their incredible soaring speeds.  Falcons have produced speeds clocking in at 200 miles per hour!

3.Hawks have broad, wide wings that are perfect for soaring. Falcons have long, slender wings that are pointed at the tip, which give them greater agility in the air.

Both hawks and falcons are strong and powerful creatures, but we’ll let the playoffs determine which of the two is best on the field. Is it Sunday yet?

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Anonymous said…
Shouldn't it be falcon vs osprey?
Anonymous said…
I think real animal (Falcon) wins out over fictional animal (Seahawk) in the wild. On the field, though, Seahawks all the way!
Anonymous said…
The Seahawk isn't fictional. It's a common name for an Osprey, which the hawk pictured above is not.
Anonymous said…
Sounds exactly like the Seahawks, killing a team with their claws (run game) rather than their beak (passing).
Anonymous said…
Actually, now that I think about it I don't think a "Seahawk" is a hawk at all. The osprey is the same order as other birds of prey but it's in it's own family, seperate from hawks.
Yeah, we cheated a little calling the Seahawks "Hawks" so that we could relate it to animals we have here at the zoo! Forgive us. :-)
Anonymous said…
The Seahawks cheat too! So win-win!
Max Kingsbury said…
Seahawk is regional slang for Osprey. It is a real bird.
Max Kingsbury said…
There are Osprey not a mile from the zoo down at Green Lake, so they are nearby also! I'm not sure if they are around at this time of year, though. :(