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ZooCrew Part Two | Wolves: Fact vs. Fiction

Created by: ZooCrew High Point students Mishki, Julia, Giovani, Amman, Abiso and Jazmeiha

Note from the blog editor:

Our ZooCrew middle school program aims to give students a first-hand look at how fun and rewarding a career in science can be. This semester’s students got hands-on experience exploring several different science careers, from zookeeping to conservation education to science writing. 

A small group of students from our ZooCrew High Point program chose to spend their semester working on a video that educates viewers on facts and fictions about misunderstood wolves. The students researched the animals, came up with the video concept and script, and put their own voices into the story. Great work, ZooCrew!


Nica said…
I love this idea. Great to get children and students involved in this myth breaking study. There is a very good book out for adults called "Never Cry Wolf" (and a corresponding film). It would be nice to see more people understand other species more.