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Pumpkin Bash continues this weekend

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

A lemur guards its pumpkin while snacking. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren. 

At the annual Pumpkin Bash presented by Delta Dental/Washington Dental Service, there is pumpkin bashing, and also pumpkin smashing. There's pumpkin chomping and definitely some pumpkin stomping.

This pumpkin came pre-pecked for the penguins. Photo by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo.

The fun continues this weekend with our final two days of the event, Sat. - Sun., Oct. 27 & 28. See how each animal tears into its Halloween treats and get some treats of your own with trick-or-treating for the little ones. Plus, one child 12 years and under in costume is admitted FREE with a paid adult during Pumpkin Bash.

A wolf delicately opens its jack-o-lantern. What happens next isn't so delicate. Photo by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.
The pumpkins are part of the zoo’s excellent animal care program to help enrich the lives of the zoo’s animals, promote natural animal behavior, keep animals mentally and physically stimulated and engage zoo visitors. Pumpkin Bash has been going strong the last two weekends, and we've learned a few things about our animals along the way.

For instance, we learned that the instinct to dive face-first into a delicious treat is universal across all species.

We also learned that a snow leopard cub's efforts to pounce and tear at a pumpkin are as adorable as they are a sign of her developing predatory skills.

Put on your costumes and join the fun at this final weekend of Pumpkin Bash. See you there!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful photography! Its amazing how with just one little touch of autumn animals can become so adorable and photogenic. :) K.C.
Anonymous said…
Love to see examples of WPZ's stellar animal enrichment exercises for their spectacular creatures!