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Voice your choice with Quarters for Conservation

Posted by: Dr. Fred Koontz, Vice President of Field Conservation

When you visit the zoo, you help us save wildlife. Now that conservation connection will be even more prominent when you visit with the launch of our new Quarters for Conservation program kicking off today.

On your next visit to the zoo, you’ll find yourself with the power to vote for which zoo conservation program you’d like to support. Whether you are a member or just visiting for the day, you’ll receive a special token when you check in at the zoo—a token that gives you the power to vote and make a difference.

Your token represents 25 cents from your zoo admission that will go directly to the zoo’s field conservation fund. We partner with 37 conservation programs in 50 countries around the world—from repopulating endangered turtles in our own Northwest backyard, to protecting tree kangaroo habitat in Papua New Guinea, and managing human-elephant conflict in Africa.

With your token, you’ll vote for one of six highlighted conservation programs at one of our Quarters for Conservation kiosks located at each of the zoo entrances. We’ll rotate the programs every few months, and the first crop that you’ll have the chance to vote on this fall includes:

- Saving Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest
- Conserving Papua New Guinea Forests and Tree Kangaroos
- Discovering Conservation Solutions for Asian Hornbills
- Tracking Snow Leopards: the "Ghosts of Mongolia"
- Ensuring Survival of African Elephants: Parks without Borders
- Protecting the Orangutans of Borneo

Your vote will help us determine how the funds are allocated, with 50% of each “quarter” going to the zoo’s ongoing field conservation support fund, and 50% to the field conservation project you select. (If you are a zoo member, $2.50 of your membership fee will be donated to conservation, and you can pick up a token at either ZooStore or guest services booths to cast a vote each time you visit.)

Every vote counts when it comes to building a better future for not only wildlife and wild places but for people too. By just visiting the zoo, you are taking a conservation action: making it possible for us to support conservation across the globe. Now when you cast a vote, you’ll feel more connected than ever to our conservation partners and feel the power of a zoo visit to make a difference. Thank you!

Kiosk photo by Sarah Lovrien/Woodland Park Zoo, token photo by Kirsten Pisto/Woodland Park Zoo.


Anonymous said…
Can we put "real" quarters in and vote twice? Or a few dollars worth?
You bet! This is one "election" where multiple votes are encouraged! You may use real U.S. quarters and other change that fit into the kiosk slots. Thanks for your support.