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It’s still summer, but Fall Fecal Fest is here

Posted by: Gigi Allianic, Communications

The fall season is just a month away, which means it’s time for Woodland Park Zoo’s Fall Fecal Fest! The annual poop event calls for you local gardeners to enter your bid to purchase the highly coveted Zoo Doo or Bedspread that Dr. Doo, also known as the “Prince of Poo,” the “GM of BM” or the “Grand Poopah,” has been piling all summer.

Zoo Doo is the most exotic and highly prized compost in the Pacific Northwest. Composed of exotic species feces contributed by the zoo’s non-primate herbivores, Zoo Doo is perfect for vegetables and annuals.

Bedspread, the zoo’s premium composted mulch, is like Zoo Doo but with higher amounts of wood chips and sawdust. It’s the perfect mulch for perennial beds and woody landscapes such as native gardens, rose beds, shrubs, tree rings or pathways.

Entries start today! For a chance to purchase Zoo Doo or Bedspread, send in a postcard from September 1 through September 23 only. You can enter both the Zoo Doo and Bedspread drawings, but separate postcards are required: for Zoo Doo, mark your postcard “Zoo Doo.” For Bedspread, mark your postcard “B.S.” Entry cards will be selected randomly for as many entrants possible. Dr. Doo will contact the lucky drawn entries only.

Send a standard postcard to Dr. Doo, Woodland Park Zoo, 601 N. 59th St., Seattle, WA 98103. Include the following information:
  • Name
  • Day and evening phone numbers
  • Preference: Zoo Doo or Bedspread
  • Amount of Zoo Doo or Bedspread you’d like to purchase (anything from a garbage bag to a full-size, pick-up truck load)
  • Weekday or weekend preference for pick-up

Head to our Fecal Fest page for prices and pick-up dates, or call the Poop Line at 206.625.POOP.

Photos (from top): Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo, Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo, Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo, Ric Brewer/Woodland Park Zoo, Ric Brewer/Woodland Park Zoo.


Anonymous said…
A postcard?!!? How antiquated!
Hi anon--We know, we know. Zoo Doo has been around for 25 years and the postcard has become something of a tradition, particularly as we have some older members of the community who participate each year and appreciate the mail-in option. But we are definitely looking into adding a digital option for next year.