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Bear Cam is back!

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Need a little more excitement in your afternoon? How about 1,350 pounds more excitement?

Broadcasting live with Ustream
Woodland Park Zoo's popular Bear Cam is back online and streaming live via Ustream. The cam, which has been gone for more than a year, is back by popular demand and bringing you incredible views into the zoo's grizzly bear exhibit in the award-winning Northern Trail.

To celebrate the return of the cam, we're giving the bears a special enrichment treat this week: piñatas filled with coffee grounds (generously donated by our friends at Caffé Vita). Tune in on Wednesday, August 3 at 11:15 a.m. (PST) to watch the bears enjoy their stimulating enrichment treat.

On a typical day, Woodland Park Zoo’s 17-year-old grizzly bear brothers Keema and Denali can be seen foraging for food, fishing for live trout, and exploring the stimulating sights and smells in the zoo’s award-winning Northern Trail exhibit. Approximately 675 pounds each in their trim summer months, the brothers can weigh up to 950 pounds each when they put on weight for their more dormant winter months.

Want to know the best times to tune in to the Bear Cam? The bears are especially active in the morning around 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. and in the afternoon around 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., particularly during the summer months.

If you are stuck at your desk, on an endless bus ride, or bored at home, the Bear Cam is a great break and way to reconnect with nature. Follow the Bear Cam at or, which is also available whenever connected to Ustream on mobile devices, Internet connected TVs, Google TV and Boxee.

Photos from top: Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo, Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo, Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.