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More tree roo joey spotting

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Our little tree kangaroo joey is showing its face a bit more these days.

We’re excited to catch and share these glimpses of the joey that is just now starting to emerge from its mother’s pouch at six months—that was a long wait for us to get a peek!

A tree kangaroo joey will typically remain in its mother’s pouch for about 10 months. Once out, it’ll continue to return to its mother’s pouch until it is fully weaned, usually at around 13 months.

Tree ‘roo mom Elanna is taking good care of the joey and the two are doing well in a quiet, behind-the-scenes exhibit at the zoo.

Woodland Park Zoo is home to the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program that is working to protect the endangered tree kangaroo and help maintain the unique biodiversity of its native Papua New Guinea in balance with the culture and needs of human communities.

If you’d like to help conserve tree kangaroos, you can go to, or use your cell phone to donate $5 to the program today by texting ROOS to 20222. Messaging & Data Rates May Apply. All gifts will be doubled by a generous $1 million match from Conservation International until June 30, 2011. For more info visit Thank you for your support!

Photos by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo.


WOW, that is a long wait! Thanks for sharing, they are so sweet.
trashmaster46 said…
That's a patient momma!
ZOMG - how cute!