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Grizzlies vs. backyard barbecue

Posted by: Kirsten Pisto, Communications

“There goes the barbecue…”

Last week we shared some photos from our Bear Affair event held June 4. In our latest video, you can see 700-pound grizzly bear brothers, Keema and Denali, in action. Watch with your sound turned up to hear bear expert and zoo conservation partner Chris Morgan provide insight on bear safety as the grizzlies show us exactly how much damage they can do to our campsites and backyards.

Always be bear aware. If we do our part to keep attractants like garbage, birdseed and barbecues contained when camping or living in bear country, practice bear safety and give these animals plenty of space, we can help protect not just bears but people too.

And never keep marshmallows in your sleeping bag!

For more info on grizzlies, how we're protecting them in Washington state and what you can do to be bear safe, visit:

Video shot and edited by Kirsten Pisto/Woodland Park Zoo.


Beau said…
Did they get into the bear canister?
They were not able to crack into the bear-proof canisters, though they certainly tried. Those canisters really held up!