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Grizzlies tear up tents

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

At Bear Affair this weekend, zookeepers teamed up with bear ecologist Chris Morgan from the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project—a Woodland Park Zoo Partner for Wildlife—to demonstrate what happens if we don’t follow safety precautions when living or camping in bear country.

Our partners at GBOP want us all to be Bear Smart and act responsibly to ensure the safety of people and bears. They tell us sanitation and common sense are the keys to preventing problems. Remember, food and odors attract bears. Carelessly stored human food, livestock feed, garbage, and even barbeque grease and bird seed can attract bears and keep them coming back. Do not allow a bear to get a food reward and associate that reward with humans—you may endanger yourself and other people, and the outcome is often the unnecessary death of a bear.

Bear Affair visitors learned Bear Smart tips and practices, but if you missed the event, you can find those tips at the GBOP website. Be safe!

Top photo by Mat Hayward/Woodland Park Zoo.


Ohhh! Scary! What if someone is inside that tent!, Campers should follow the basic rules in camping. So that no one would get hurt. Humans or animals alike.
Ohhh! Scary! What if someone is inside that tent. Campers should follow basic camping rules. So that no one will get hurt. Humans and animals alike.