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Ocelot kitten gets check-up…and a name

Posted by: Gigi Allianic, Communications

Time for an ocelot kitten update! The kitten recently got a clean bill of health during an examination by our animal health staff. She weighs in at just over 3.4 pounds, is healthy, active and now has a name! Meet the feisty Evita…

Regular examinations like the one seen in the above new video are part of our preventive health program for the thousand-plus animals under the zoo’s care. Evita will continue to undergo a series of exams for the next couple of months to ensure she’s achieving acceptable weight gains and other important benchmarks.

Evita is now 8 weeks old and is still living with mom Bella in a quiet and safe behind-the-scenes area. We know you are itching to see her in person and the latest update is that we can expect to see her out on exhibit in the Tropical Rain Forest building some time in mid- to late-April.

To minimize disturbance for Bella and Evita while they remain behind the scenes, zookeepers are using a closed-circuit cam to keep an eye on them. They’ve seen Bella doing a great job providing maternal care, and have noticed Evita spending more and more time out of the den playing and climbing. Keepers have been giving her a variety of enrichment toys to help stimulate natural behaviors, but so far her favorite enrichment toy seems to be her mom!

Photo and video by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.


Prince Kearin said…
I gotta find out a way to sneak into the zoo and check out this little dude.
Any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
ooh! Way cute and feisty!