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Happy birthday, Gobi and Batu!

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Our not-so-tiny-anymore snow leopard cubs Gobi (now 65 lb) and Batu (now 56 lb) turned 1 year old this week! We celebrated their birthday with two incredible paper-mâché “cakes” for the cubs made by one of our very talented staff members (Thanks, Regina!).

Keepers put the cakes out into the exhibit space while the cats were behind the scenes. But once the snow leopards came out, it took just seconds for them to spot and sniff the fun, new enrichment in their exhibit and pounce!

The crowd of school kids and visitors encouraged them with chants, “Get it! Get it!” And they all thrilled to see mom Helen and the cubs stomp, bite, shred, and roll those cakes down the hill—leaving quite a mess behind! But what’s a birthday party without a little mess?

We’ll continue celebrating Gobi, Batu and the majestic species they represent with our annual Snow Leopard Day event coming up on August 14. The cubs were born last year as part of the Species Survival Plan for this endangered species, an important step for snow leopard conservation helping to increase genetic diversity. Woodland Park Zoo also helps protect snow leopards in the wild through our work with The Snow Leopard Trust, a Woodland Park Zoo Partner for Wildlife.

Photos by Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo.


SnowLeopard said…
Happy birthday Gobi and Batu! I've loved watching them grow over the past year, and was thrilled with their birth! Congratulations to all their keepers for for helping them grow into healthy and thriving one-year olds! :)