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Baby pudu video

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

We introduced you last week to our newest addition—the baby pudu now on exhibit in the Temperate Forest biome at Woodland Park Zoo.

Here is footage of her at one-week old getting her check-up from vets and then exploring the exhibit.

This birth is significant for our Species Survival Plan efforts for this endangered species. The newborn female is the sixth offspring between her 12-year-old mother and 10-year-old father.

Video produced by Ryan Hawk, script by Hannah Letinich, voiced by Celeste Sabers/Woodland Park Zoo.


Lauren said…
Why is this year's baby pudu getting lots of press and attention, but the baby born last year was hardly mentioned at all?
Good question, Lauren. Last year's pudu was born around the same time that our brand new penguin exhibit opened, so the story got drowned out a bit with other news. This year, there was a bit more breathing room around the time of this pudu's birth, so press was able to find time to cover it.