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First video of the penguin chick

Posted by: Rebecca Whitham, Communications

Here's the first video of the newly hatched Humboldt penguin chick. Turn up the sound to find out what the keepers are looking for during this quick checkup:

And here's some exciting news--this chick now has a sibling, hatched on Easter Sunday!

Penguin keepers are weighing the chicks each day for the first week after hatching to ensure acceptable weight gains while allowing the parents to raise their chicks and gain experience as parents. In zoos and in the wild, both penguin parents take turns incubating the eggs and caring for their young.

It will be early summer before the penguin chicks emerge from the nesting burrows and venture outdoors into the public exhibit. We'll post updates periodically as the chicks grow.

Video produced by Ryan Hawk, narration by Katie Norton/Woodland Park Zoo.


Brad said…
When will the chicks be viewable in the public exhibit? Please post an update!
Good timing! We just posted a penguin chick update today:

The chicks should be out on exhibit sometime late-June to mid-July. First we'll have to do some training with them, and they'll need practice swimming. We'll try to update more as they start their training!