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Endangered frogs released into the wild

Posted by: Ryan Hawk, Photographer

A few weeks ago, on a rainy, rainy day, zookeeper Kimberly Cooper and I hopped in the zoo’s Prius and traveled to the off-road back areas of Fort Lewis to release the last few of this year’s batch of about 450 Oregon spotted frogs. In the first year of the recovery program at Woodland Park Zoo, the endangered frogs were raised on zoo grounds to be given a head start in the wild. It’s one of several species recovery programs the zoo participates in locally.

Zookeepers like Kimberly raise the frogs from egg to adult in order to increase their odds of survival in the wild. The work takes place behind the scenes in a quiet corner of the zoo’s 92 acres.

Watch the release in this short video.

Woodland Park Zoo participates in the recovery program in collaboration with partners including Northwest Trek, Oregon Zoo, Cedar Creek Correctional Facility, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. And each of these groups were represented as we released groups of frogs into the waters of Dailman Lake.

The next group of frog eggs will be collected in late winter and brought to the zoo to be given a head start.

Video by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo.


Rebecca Whitham said…
Love the underwater frog shot--what an awesome moment in time for that frog and for the keepers!
joel said…
how cool is that! way to go guys!
Anonymous said…
frogs gone wild! that's hot.
Nick said…
Very cool indeed!